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Katie D

Following Facial Procedures
The information was very clear and left no room for misunderstanding

By far the best consultation (of many). It was the only time I felt the consultant had listened to what I wanted and he did not attempt to impose his own aesthetic values over my own wishes. I came away with a feeling of confidence in the consultant and a sense of anticipation (rather than fear) of the work ahead. All information received was very clear. It gave clear instructions on what the next steps in the process were, all the way through to post-operative care. The letter to my GP was also very helpful

Hospital Stay
Fabulous level of care, attention and respect from all staff involved. From the catering staff to the theatre team, myself (and my accompanying partner) felt thoroughly looked after!

After care/follow up
Discharge instructions were very clear and again, great care was shown by all in ensuring the process was as smooth and efficient as possible. Advice on drug use, wound care, washing and dressing removal were all clearly explained. It’s also very nice to get the follow up telephone calls to monitor progress. It’s always good to feel that you haven’t been forgotten!

I got everything I wanted! My physical appearance now matches my mental image of how I wanted to see myself. I feel much more confident when out and feel relaxed about my appearance. Apart from everything above, I would thoroughly recommend Brian Musgrove and the Hospital. I am confident that I made the best choice out of the many on offer and would happily say that my expectations were exceeded.